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Row Services, design, supply and install ground heat pump systems and pumps in Macclesfield, Cheshire and across the North West of England. Ground Heat Source Systems work by extracting solar energy stored in the ground or water sources and converting this energy into a higher temperature for use in a building's heating distribution system. A ground source heat pump produces up to three times more energy than it consumes. So for every 1kWh of energy your heat pump uses to power itself, you will get typically 3kWh of energy to heat your property. Ground source heat pumps are ideal for heating self-builds, new-builds and renovations, saving you money on heating bills and maintenance, and generating a guaranteed quarterly income through the Government Renewable Heat Incentive Programme (RHI); seven years income for single builds, twenty years income for multiple units.

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All staff currently employed have passed City & Guilds London Institute final exams in plumbing, heating & gas fitting, hold ACS/CITB licences and are registered GAS Safe

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